LawBreakers Will Run at 60FPS on PS4

Originally slated to be a PC-only release, the fast-paced first-person shooter LawBreakers is now making its way to PlayStation 4. Some may be worried that the transition to console may mean that the game will have to sacrifice its speed, but according to a recent post on the game's official forum, LawBreakers will run at a crisp 60 frames per second on both a standard PlayStation 4 as well as the more powerful PlayStation 4 Pro.

While LawBreakers will run at 60fps on both PS4 and PS4 Pro, playing the game on PS4 Pro will have the added benefit of high graphic fidelity. Additional enhancements when playing the game on PS4 Pro are unknown at this time, but if there are any, they should come to light when the PS4 beta launches.

The PS4 beta for LawBreakers is coming off a successful PC public beta that Boss Key Productions hosted last year. Presumably, the PS4 beta would include new content, like the Gunslinger character that was revealed to fans at The Game Awards six months ago, but that's just speculation at this time. For now, details on the PS4 beta for LawBreakers are few and far between, with no dates or anything else set in stone.

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With a planned beta and 60fps on both PS4 models, it sounds like Boss Key Productions is going all out when it comes to the console version of LawBreakers. However, some fans may be curious as to why the game isn't coming to Xbox One as well. In the same forum post, Boss Key Productions offered a vague explanation that the studio is focusing on PC and PS4 right now, while still leaving the door open for an Xbox release at some point in the future.

It's possible that Boss Key Productions is waiting for Microsoft's new console, the powerful Project Scorpio, to hit store shelves before it creates an Xbox version of the game. After all, Project Scorpio should provide more than enough horsepower to ensure that LawBreakers runs just as efficiently on it as PC, PS4, and PS4 Pro.

While an Xbox release is a possibility down the road, for now, anyone interested in playing CliffyB's new game LawBreakers on console will have to pick up a PS4 or PS4 Pro.

LawBreakers is set to launch later this year for PC and PS4.

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