Amy and Lana

Lexis Numerique has quite an interesting game on their hands as survivor-horror title AMY is not what many gamers would expect. Instead of taking the traditional route and focusing the tension on enemies, AMY causes tension through the fact that the player is contaminated with a virus that could soon turn them into one of the monsters trying to kill them. Lexis Numerique has released a new trailer for AMY, detailing the infection players face.

The trailer details how the infection ravages protagonist Lana’s body if left untreated. At first, the virus manifests itself  by causing veins to become prominent on Lana’s skin and in essence make her look like a zombie. As the virus progresses it will start to effect both Lana and the player on a psychological level. Lana will begin to hear voices, and shapes in the environment will become distorted. In order to prevent his from happening players will have to find a medical kit for Lana, or pick up gas masks off of the bodies of dead soldiers.

Players can also stave off the infection by keeping Lana in close proximity to the game’s mysterious character, Amy. It is not yet revealed why Amy is able to keep Lana from turning into a zombie, and it’s likely players won’t be able to find out until the game releases.

In case this game sounds like a lot to grasp – which it is – take a look at the newest trailer to get a better idea of what to expect:

However, none of this is to say that being a zombie doesn’t have its advantages. As detailed in the above trailer, sometimes staying infected can be a good tactic to avoid being spotted by zombies, as it will create the guise that Lana is one of them.

Amy itself looks like a very unique game. While players might be initially turned off by the thought of having to babysit Amy, it looks like it could make for some very interesting gameplay mechanics. The dependence players have on Amy should make for some tense moments, as without Amy players will die quickly. It isn’t every day that a game like this comes along, so be sure to stay tuned if the game’s mechanics or style catch your eye.

Amy is set to hit the PSN later this year, with an Xbox Live and PC release following shortly after.

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