The Last of Us Mod Lets Ellie Use a Water Gun


A funny new mod for The Last of Us takes the water gun from the Left Behind DLC and lets Ellie using it during the regular campaign to take out infected quickly.

Although The Last of Us is over three years old, fans are still finding reasons to come back to Naughty Dog’s spectacular apocalyptic tale. Some return to see how the title looks on the PS4 console, or even the newly released PS4 Pro, while others have more creative aims. One Last of Us player, for example, has modded the game in a very clever way.

The modder in question, who goes by the YouTube handle Freako, took the water gun from The Last of Us: Left Behind DLC and brought it into the main game. As a result, mod players are able to fight off the infected horde using water instead of bullets, and it turns out H20 is surprisingly effective.

The mod itself is actually quite impressive, considering that The Last of Us is not a PC game and therefore more open to tweaking. What Freako did was alter some files within The Last of Us to pull the water gun and add it to Ellie’s inventory during a specific story section. Normally, Ellie would only have a knife at her disposal, but the mod tweaks the game so it pulls any items from her inventory, which in this case is the water gun.

Check out The Last of Us mod in action below:


It might not seem like it would work, but somehow the infected react negatively to the water gun, falling to the ground after just a few sprays. What exactly is making the water gun do damage is unclear, but watching Ellie make quick work of them using a Super Soaker is pretty entertaining. It’s too bad the mod couldn’t extend to the entire game; it might actually make dealing with the tougher infected a little easier.

It might seem strange to still be talking about a game nearly three years after its release, but The Last of Us clearly isn’t any old game. Naughty Dog’s post apocalyptic tale set a new benchmark for narrative in gaming and with that has come a ton of expectations for competing games moving forward.

The question now becomes when gamers might see a sequel to The Last of Us. We’ve known for quite some time that Naughty Dog is working on The Last of Us 2 thanks to leaks from voice actors, but Uncharted 4 was the top priority. However, with Uncharted 4 out and garnering its own accolades, many are wondering when it’s time to return to Joel and Ellie’s story.

Source: Freako (via Kotaku)

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