'The Last of Us: Remastered' PS4 Bundles Announced

The Last of Us' Joel and Ellie

The Last of Us originally came out in 2013, and yet, here in January 2015 the Naughty Dog game is still making the rounds and popping up in news stories and announcements. Of course, its continued lifespan can be credited to the PS4 re-release, The Last of Us: Remastered, which includes all the DLC released for the game - most notably, the Left Behind story DLC.

At any rate, to kick off the new year, Sony is releasing a brand new PS4 bundle that will, presumably, become the standard bundle that consumers will soon see in stores and online. Over on the PlayStation Blog, Sony VP of Platforms Marketing John Koller detailed a 500 GB PS4 bundle that'll come with the aforementioned The Last of Us: Remastered for the price of $399.99.

Additionally, there's no need to worry about this bundle replacing the other bundle that offers four games (Destiny, Far Cry 4, NBA 2K15, and Little Big Planet 3) and lets people pick one for free. That one seems to still be available; also for $399. As Koller put it during the announcement post:

"If you’ve managed to hold out on upgrading to PS4 for this long or if you have a stack of gift cards laying around after the holidays, now is the perfect time to get in on the action. This new bundle will begin appearing at participating retailers over the next few days for $399.99."

The Last of Us Remastered PS4 Bundle

Fans of physical game cases may be slightly disappointed, though, as this particular copy of the game is a digital one (via packed-in voucher), but a free game is a free game. Currently, at least through Amazon, The Last of Us: Remastered is still selling for $34 (physical); $49 for a download code.

If you've been holding out on buying a PS4, you definitely can't go wrong with this bundle. The Last of Us, despite being a PS3 game, originally, is still fantastic on the PS4. And somehow, the game manages to look better than its PS3 counterpart.

A question for those that haven't made the shift to "next-gen," be it the Xbox One or PS4: what's holding you back? Are you just waiting for the price to drop a bit more? It's unlikely that either system will drop in price after the Holidays, though. Especially since both are selling relatively well at their current prices.

Source: PS Blog

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