‘The Last of Us’ Live Show Features New Ending

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At Comic-Con this past weekend, we had the chance to sit down with LEGO Batman 3 voice actor Troy Baker and pick his brain for a few minutes. During our talk we discussed the humor of TT Games’ sequel, how he compares Joker to Batman, and more.

One topic that was of particular interest to us was The Last of Us and whether he thinks a sequel is a good idea. Developer Naughty Dog has been tiptoeing around the idea of making The Last of Us 2, and just recently they revealed that, although a second one isn’t guaranteed, they would be foolish not to explore it.

However, while The Last of Us 2 may never happen, that doesn’t mean there aren’t new ways to explore that original material. Just this week The Last of Us Remastered will hit the PS4, dazzling new gamers with its impressive visuals and incredible storytelling.

But for those who have already made it through The Last of Us‘ story and its DLC add-on Left Behind, there isn’t much in the way of new content coming any time soon. That is, if you weren’t at a recent, one-time-only live show for The Last of Us.

The Last of Us - Joel Hunting Lesson

Thankfully, even though we weren’t in attendance at the live show, those who did make it have shared a few details, including news of a special epilogue written specifically for the show. Needless, to say spoilers for The Last of Us will follow.

According to attendees of the show, which featured voice actors Troy Baker (Joel) and Ashley Johnson (Ellie), the scene caught up with the two main characters some time after the events of the game. Joel and Ellie have now holed up at Tommy’s dam, and although it’s unclear how long they have been there the scene did suggest things have changed.

The scene opens on Ellie sitting in her room listening to music when Joel enters. He has a brief exchange with the girl, revealing that he has a new love interest named Ester, before surprising her with a guitar. Joel then plays a brief song for Ellie before surprising her with the instrument as a gift, and the scene concludes with Ellie fiddling with it as the stage fades to black.

What’s unique about the scene is that Ellie apparently seems much more distant toward Joel than in the game. Clearly, she has taken the fact that Joel lied at the end of The Last of Us quite hard, and that has seemingly altered their relationship.

The Last of Us Screenshot Joel and Ellie rifle

From our perspective, the scene sounds like a perfect capper to The Last of Us‘ journey. It further reinforces the theory that Ellie never believed Joel’s lie, and paints an interesting picture for their relationship moving forward.

That being said, this could also be seen as one final moment of tenderness between the characters before we say goodbye to them forever. The Last of Us writer Neil Druckmann even introduced the scene as a goodbye to Joel and Ellie before the show, suggesting that even if there were a sequel it might not feature these characters. Or maybe he was simply sending out a personal goodbye to these characters, since he is moving on to lead the Uncharted 4 team. Those are both likely possibilities.

There’s obviously a lot to consider as far as a sequel is concerned, but for now Naughty Dog has left us with a beautiful game that tackles difficult subjects without being overly preachy. The Last of Us is a one-of-a-kind experience, no question, and if ND were to step away few would fault them for going out on top.

What do you think of this final scene between Joel and Ellie? Do you think The Last of Us 2 should feature new characters?

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