10 Last Of Us Memes That Would Even Make Joel Laugh

Last of Us urban environment

Anybody who spent any amount of time with Naughty Dog's 2013 masterpiece, The Last of Us, knows moments of levity are few and far between. Considering the game's subject matter and themes, it is wholly appropriate for the campaign to have a dour tone.

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However, the community will always find humor in even the darkest stories through jokes or the Internet's favorite method of communication - memes. The following ten memes are so good, they'll even make Joel crack a smile. Some may seem in bad taste, but it is just a video game, after all. Besides, it is during the darkest times when humor is needed most.

10 Too Great For Gamers' Health

high standards Last of us Meme

Some problems are good to have, but at the end of the day they are still problems. The Last of Us is often hailed as one of the greatest video games ever made. In fact, all other games seem worse afterwards, especially narrative-driven AAA titles.

Whenever a new title comes out and developers say they put more focus on the story, it'll instantly draw comparisons to Joel and Ellie's journey through post-apocalyptic United States. Even when Infinity Ward's new Modern Warfare promised shocking moments, many probably thought "yeah, but is it 'kill an entire hospital and doom the world to save someone you love' shocking?"

9 The Saddest Moment Of All

Last of us first time playing it meme

The game is chock full of utterly devastating scenes. By the first twenty minutes, Joel's daughter is killed as the outbreak causes mass panic. It only goes downhill from there. Ultimately, however, the most depressing moment lies in fans' realization that they'll never experience this incredible journey for the first time again. Sure, maybe they could go through some sort of memory erasing therapy, but who has the time or money for such a procedure? Hopefully the sequel will give the same, and perhaps even stronger, feelings when it comes out in May.

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8 How Can She Not Swim

Last of us cant swim meme

Ellie lived in this wasteland her whole life and accumulated an impressive array of survival skills, yet she still cannot swim, despite the ability to do so meaning the difference between life and death. Did no one take a simple afternoon to show her the basics of maneuvering throughout the water? It's really not so hard. Humans come from water, and most can get the hang of it as long as they don't panic.

7 Ain't That The Truth

Load times are too damn long

New Yorkers will recognize the man in this meme as Jimmy McMillan, political activist and founder of The Rent Is Too Damn High political party. The battle for sustainable living for working class folks is endless, but if it is ever won, the activist can turn his attention to the second biggest issue plaguing the masses - insanely long load times.

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He will be happy to know about the reported advancements coming to next generation consoles, which may heavily alleviate loading or do away with it altogether. Back in 2013, the wait with each startup was worth it to experience this timeless classic.

6 He Cannot Do Everything

Last of us cant make arrows meme

Despite its realism, game play still takes precedent over story. Joel can do a lot of things, but he cannot make arrows or flamethrower fuel. The latter is more understandable; he's not an engineer or a chemist, after all. After twenty years surviving in the collapsed society, he should at least know a little about making some arrows. It would take some physics knowledge, but what else does he have to do with his day except read a science text book?

5 Maybe Because It Looks Cool?

Last of us meme

The number one rule for action heroes is style over safety. Even though Joel is concerned primarily with survival, he still has an audience of gamers to entertain. It fits in with the character, too. Ellie mentions Joel's love for '80s action movies in a Last of Us 2 trailer.

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If this is the case, he would want to emulate his favorite heroes like Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Sure, punching like this runs the risk of infection, but it is worth it for how badass it looks.

4 If The Shoe Fits

Logan Last of us meme

Logan was one of the best comic book films ever made, and a nearly perfect send off for Wolverine. It also bears some striking similarities to The Last of Us. Who knows, maybe the filmmakers were influenced by the game in some capacity. Hugh Jackman's makeup even looks like Joel. We just hope Logan does not influence the game's sequel. A clone Joel hunting him and Ellie would sure make for a weird twist.

3 Best To Not Get Too Attached

Tess meme

This one is cold. Tess, played by Annie Wersching, is with Joel throughout the opening hours and even spends some time with Ellie. She hangs in long enough for the player to get comfortable with her presence. Don't get too comfortable, however. Like the meme says, there is a reason she isn't on the cover art. When Tess reveals her bite, it is a devastating moment for Joel. Ellie also has Tess to thank for the relationship she forms with Joel. It was her wish to help out the teenager, as Joel was wholly against the idea.

2 That's Gotta Be Some Bad Meat

Last of us hell's kitchen david meme

David comes off as calm and soft spoken upon first meeting Ellie. However, he is eventually revealed to be a cannibal. It's not dissimilar to the folks from Terminus in The Walking Dead. Given his diet of human flesh, whatever Gordon Ramsay's student is cooking in this episode of Hell's Kitchen has to be particularly rancid for David to steer clear. However, how many people really know what human flesh tastes like? Maybe it's not so bad.

1 Maybe It's The Post-Apocalypse....

How does she have no acne!

A lot of teenage fans are desperate to know Ellie's secret. How does she manage not to break out while running for her life? It's not like the graphics aren't good enough to render acne on someone's face. Perhaps she has a whole cosmetic setup within her backpack. That doesn't make sense either, though. Ellie hardly seems like someone to care about her appearance to that extent. Whatever she does, it's working. Even in the sequel she has a clean, well moisturized face underneath all the dirt and grime.

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