‘The Last of Us’ Grounded DLC Bundle Adds New Maps, Weapons, Skills, & Campaign Difficulty

By | 3 years ago 

As promised, Naughty Dog has unveiled the latest DLC bundle for The Last of Us, which we now know is titled the ‘Grounded’ bundle. Provided any last minute announcements, we suspect this is the last piece of post-release content for That Last of Us, and as ND as previously announced the bundle will be packaged in with The Last of Us Remastered on PS4.

Strangely, the ‘Grounded’ bundle for The Last of Us is a piecemeal offering, with each element (gun, weapon, map, ability) carrying a different price tag. Those who own the Season Pass for The Last of Us, however, will net the whole bundle free of charge. Well, not really free of charge, but at a significant discount.

The piece de resistance of the ‘Grounded’ bundle is, of course, the Grounded mode, which adds another difficulty tier to the single player campaign for $4.99. As if Survivor wasn’t hard enough, what with its lack of Listening Mode and limited supplies, Grounded takes things a step further with “relentless, smart, and brutal A.I.” In other words, good luck getting the ‘Completed Grounded Mode’ trophy.

The ‘Grounded’ bundle also includes a set of four new maps for The Last of Usmultiplayer at a price tag of $9.99. The four maps are part of the Reclaimed Territories pack and are called Wharf, Capitol, Coal Mine, and Tower.

As well, ‘Grounded’ adds a few new weapons to the mix, at a rate of $5.99 for the bunch. There is the Specter, a silenced assault rifle; the Double Barrel, a very powerful shotgun; the Enforcer, a highly accurate pistol, and the Launcher, which fires explosives.

If new weapons didn’t seem like enough of a multiplayer advantage, there are two survival skill bundles included with ‘Grounded’ for $3.99 each. The first, called Situational Survival Skills, adds an Agility, Awareness, Fortitude, and Scavenger skill to players’ selection. Agility allows players to move and climb faster while crouching, Awareness lets players identify enemies quicker, Fortitude means players can survive longer when downed, and Scavenger picks up ammo and supplies automatically.

Then there is the Professional Survival Skills bundle, which adds the Gunslinger, Bomb Expert, Executioner, and Damage Marker skills. Gunslinger gives players more ammo at the start of a round, Bomb Expert triggers explosions quicker, Executioner gives players more parts after shiv kills and executions, and Damage Marker puts a mark on enemies once they take damage from you.

All told, the ‘Grounded’ bundle sounds like another substantial offering from Naughty Dog. The DLC pack includes a little something for everybody, both single player and multiplayer gamers, but obviously favors the online battlefield. Again, gamers can pick up the entire bundle with the Season Pass or they can buy the items individually at their various prices. No release date has been announced for the bundle, though.

What do you think of The Last of Us‘ ‘Grounded’ bundle? Which item has you the most intrigued?

The Last of Us‘ Grounded Bundle currently has no release date.