Ahead of the PlayStation 4 release in North America, Sony has promised that several new next-generation games will be announced on the night of the launch. Considering that Sony will be revealing previously unannounced projects, gamers will have to wait on official word to find out if fan-favorite series like Uncharted or God of War are headed to the PS4 anytime soon.

However, just because Sony is focused on launching their next-generation hardware does not mean that they’ll renege on their commitment to support the PS3 for years to come. Alongside this week’s next-gen Sony announcements, first party studio Naughty Dog will unveil the highly anticipated trailer for The Last of Us story DLC.

According to Tweets from Spike TV host Geoff Keighley and Last of Us director Neil Druckmann, Naughty Dog will premiere The Last of Us story DLC trailer Thursday during the network’s PS4 All Access event (and online) at 11pm.

Details on what exactly fans can expect from the DLC are under tight wraps. As Druckmann hints, the one thing we do know is that the story add-on will not put players back in the shoes of Joel and Ellie – and will, instead, focus on a new protagonist (one with ties to the main storyline).

How exactly that character will tie-into the story is, obviously, unclear at this point; though, many expect that the DLC could focus on someone close to Joel (or Ellie) prior to their meeting in The Last of Us. While some gamers would probably be interested in actually playing-through past story beats that were discussed in the main plot, such as the scene of Ellie’s infection, it’s unlikely that this “ambitious” (as Druckmann has described it) story addition will be that directly connected.

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Instead, it would make sense that whoever gamers will control in the DLC, they could have a connection to Tess and/or Joel (in the past or present) – especially considering his shady smuggling job and loose connection to the Fireflies. Certain gamers, no doubt, would be interested in a playable Tess, Henry, Tommy, or Bill prequel chapter but prior reports from Naughty Dog seemed to imply that the story DLC protagonist would be entirely new – not an expanded story arc for a previously supporting character.

Along those lines, another possibility could put players in a more “knowing” character this round – a scientist or military officer that would be able to present a unique view of the Cordyceps fungus, and its subsequent spread, than the more intimate Last of Us story was able to touch on.

We’ll keep you up to date as Naughty Dog drops the official trailer for the Last of Us story DLC.


The Last of Us is available now, exclusively for the PS3.

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Source: Geoff Keighley and Neil Druckmann