The Last of Us 2's Setting Finally Confirmed

The Last of Us Part 2 setting Seattle confirmed

Ever since The Last of Us Part Two was announced, fans have been speculating about where the game will take place. They have pored over new trailers, hunted for clues and used impressive geographical knowledge to figure it all out. And at PlayStation Experience 2017 this weekend, fans' hard work finally paid off.

All of the clues that fans had uncovered so far pointed to The Last of Us Part 2 being set in Seattle, Washington and, during a panel at the PlayStation Experience, developer Naughty Dog finally confirmed those theories. Game director Neil Druckmann said that a large part of the game will take place in Seattle, WA, but he wouldn't say where else the action may occur.

Now that it is now confirmed that The Last of Us Part Two will take place mostly in Seattle, fans will be wondering which of the city's monuments the game will include. Some evidence suggested that the game will include the Millennium Tower (or at least, the parking garage next to it), the Buttnick Building, and the I-5 Highway but there's potential for far more than that.

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Seattle is also known for the Space Needle, Safeco Field, the Sky View Observatory, and the Seattle Public Library. Any of these places would be ideal for eerie encounters with Clickers in the darkness. Or, they could be places of refuge where Ellie takes a breather and plans her next move.

Monuments such as the Fremont Troll, Hammering Man, and the statue of Vladimir Lenin may also be featured. Ellie might not have time to go sightseeing exactly, but The Last of Us Part Two could include some tense midnight missions. In the dead of night, with enemies roaming the place, those statues and their unusual shapes could be unsettling enough to put shivers down spines.

It will also be interesting to see how players will get around in The Last of Us Part Two. Naughty Dog has teased combat on horseback, which could indicate that players will travel across Seattle on a trusty steed. That may not be the most inconspicuous way to travel, but Seattle is a big place.

Admittedly, the Seattle confirmation has only led to even more questions about The Last of Us Part Two and what it will involve. But fans are quite capable of figuring out the game's secrets and it will be interesting to see what theories they can come up with next.

The Last of Us Part Two is in development exclusively for PlayStation 4.

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