New Last of Us 2 Gameplay Promised for Sony's E3 2018 Conference

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It has been close to a year and a half since Naughty Dog first revealed The Last of Us 2, and since that time the developer has done well to tease players with talk of the story, setting, and the changes to approach. But what Naughty Dog hasn’t done (yet) is show gameplay.

That should hopefully change come E3 2018, as Naughty Dog has confirmed that The Last of Us 2 will be part of Sony’s pre-event press conference. The developer made the announcement Friday afternoon, after Sony confirmed the date and time for its E3 2018 showing.

There is always the possibility that Naughty Dog will only reveal a CGI (or in-engine) story trailer for The Last of Us 2, but after two such unveilings, players have to be itching to see some gameplay. And if the sequel is to release in 2019, potentially before next summer, then this is one of Naughty Dog’s only opportunities to show how the game looks running on a PlayStation console.

Despite being one of Sony’s most anticipated console exclusives, very little is known about The Last of Us 2 and that seems to be by design. As soon as Naughty Dog shows gameplay of the game, players should have many of their questions answered, notably over the fate of main character Joel. Ever since that initial trailer, fans have wondered where Joel is, and Naughty Dog has tried to avoid spilling any secrets in the time since.

There are also several new characters joining The Last of Us 2, and at least a couple should be included in Naughty Dog’s presentation next month. Just like Joel’s fate, there are plenty of theories swirling about some of the new characters, and it’s possible the demo will answer a few of those questions as well.

But more than anything it will just be nice to see The Last of Us 2. The original game was no slouch in the graphics department, and given what Naughty Dog was able to do with Uncharted 4, fans are likely chomping at the bit to see what a post-apocalyptic Seattle looks like on current-gen. June 11th can’t come soon enough.

The Last of Us 2 currently has no release date.

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