E3 2013 is fast approaching, and with it, an unparalleled surge in speculation. From PR gaffes to outright guesswork, the road to L.A’s convention center is as rocky and rumor-strewn as it gets. Speeding assumptions cross plot-hole potholes, journalists juice on jumper cables and every so often, a truck-full of secrets spills its load. Today’s public relations pile-up involves three games for whom many thought the end of that road had already come: Team Ico’s The Last Guardian, Ubisoft’s Beyond Good & Evil 2 and Idol Mind’s Warrior’s Lair.

Appearing on E3 Insider, the consumer-centric version of E3’s official site, all three titles are listed among their publisher’s ‘games & products’ section.  In lieu of any concrete details, each entry is accompanied by the same tantalizing placeholder — “…come back here on Tuesday, June 11 for all the latest details, straight from the E3 2013 convention floor.”

Would the web page for one of the industry’s biggest events be so bold as to speculate? Sony certainly seems to think so, telling Kotaku that The Last Guardian listing was “not true” and “look[ed] like pure speculation.” Whilst the company would almost certainly seek to deny the story, even if true, recent accounts suggest that Team Ico is itching to atone for its prolonged tardiness. Speaking in the wake of the PlayStation 4 reveal back in February, Sony President Shuhei Yoshida apologized for The Last Guardian’s continued non-appearance, adding “we are waiting for the right time to reintroduce The Last Guardian.” Could this year’s E3 be that “right time”?

Ubisoft’s oft-delayed follow-up to cult classic Beyond Good & Evil last appeared on our radars in May of 2012. Following 5-plus years of hectic development, studio head Michel Ancel confirmed the game for next-gen consoles, citing the sequel’s ever-expanding scope as reason for the move. Whilst Ancel refused to be drawn on which of the upcoming consoles would eventually carry the game, the company’s recent conduct suggests a plethora of platforms is likely.

Warrior’s Lair, a once-promising crossplay title intended to bridge the gap between PS3 and Vita hardware, has been locked in its own state of perpetual limbo for two years now. The Medieval-skinned Diablo clone was just “three months” from release when Sony first pulled the plug on the project, according to the insight of one disgruntled ex-developer. Could the title’s reappearance on the E3insider website signal a fresh start for the troubled dungeon crawler, perhaps at the vanguard of Sony’s renewed crossplay campaign?


Will any of these near-mythical titles turn up to E3? Find out when the event begins on June 11th.


Sources: Kotaku, E3 Insider