The Last Guardian 'Action Gameplay' Trailer Released

The Last Guardian 'Action Gameplay' Trailer

With The Last Guardian quickly approaching its now realized launch date, Sony is releasing a trailer focusing on the 'Action Gameplay' within the game.

The development of The Last Guardian by Sony's Japan Studio has been a veritable Odyssey, but after years of waiting Odysseus is finally about to arrive at Ithaca. Fumito Ueda's project will arrive on PlayStation 4 starting December 6th, marking the end of a near-decade long effort. Now it's time to make sure that The Last Guardian sells, and that revolves around marketing with footage that highlight all the game has to offer, like the below 'Action Gameplay' trailer.

While the trailer is only 30 seconds long, it showcases a side of The Last Guardian that gamers have yet to see. The trailer is fast-paced, visceral, and portrays conflict of a direct variety. There's also a closer look at an enemy only previously teased - what appears to be a darker version of Trico - the protagonist's beast-bird friend. The red-eyed, masked character ominously threatens The Last Guardian's main character, but never attacks. There's likely more to this than meets the eye.

The rest of the trailer is no slouch, either. It showcases lots of chasing, lots of thrilling platforming, with plenty of traversal across precarious environments. Some of the gameplay features the child protagonist alone, but most focuses on how the protagonist can work with Trico to conquer more difficult challenges. And, naturally, throughout it all there's an air of mystery that lends itself to all of Team Ico's projects so well.


The focus on action in the trailer marks a shift in marketing for The Last Guardian, one which may seem at odds with the soul of the game but with good intentions. Team Ico and Fumito Ueda's past projects, Shadow of the Colossus and Ico, have both been very patient, introspective games. Make no mistake, they're action-packed too, but it's that solemn tragedy of each game that makes them more than just fun action games.

What this latest trailer does is appeal to an audience that may not buy into the game's true appeal, an appeal that is much more difficult to portray in a 30 second trailer. Instead, the focus is on the action, which is arguably more appealing to the casual gamer. The action in Team Ico's other games is usually excellent, of course, and will likely be so again The Last Guardian, but it's not typically why the games sell.

The Last Guardian will be available starting November 6 on PlayStation 4 in North America and Japan, with the game becoming available across the world in the days afterwards.

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