The Last Guardian, Shadow of the Colossus Dev is Hiring for New Game

The Development studio behind The Last Guardian is hiring

Fumito Ueda’s studio genDESIGN is perhaps best known by gamers as the creative minds behind 2016’s The Last Guardian. Soon, they may be known for more: genDESIGN recently added several new job listings to their site, teasing a new project in the process.

While genDESIGN is not exactly a household name, the portfolio of its team members should be well known. Helmed by Fumito Ueda (director of ICO, Shadow of the Colossus, and The Last Guardian), and comprised of former Team Ico members (the development team behind each), there’s a great track record of critically-acclaimed games present; even the mildly underwhelming The Last Guardian was worthy of praise.

The recruitment call can be found on genDESIGN’s website, while a tweet last Friday got the attention of several fan forums and the like. According to a reply to the tweet, the message reads, “genDESIGN is now accepting applicants to work on their next project. They're looking forward to working with all you game developers out there!” Additionally, a trip to the recruitment page yields advertisements for everything from modelers and artists to programmers and managers.

Details on the actual nature of the project are effectively non-existent, but considering that there’s a request for a game designer, it’s possible that genDESIGN is still in the early planning phases. However, Ueda did once state in an interview that he wanted to create a first-person shooter after The Last Guardian, even alluding to Half-Life 2 as an influence.

At any rate, an announcement anytime soon seems unlikely; The Last Guardian was in development for two years before being revealed. Nonetheless, it’s exciting to know that the former Team Ico has a desire to start on something new.

While they were responsible for the inception of The Last Guardian, the departure of Ueda and several others from Sony meant that the team was relegated to creative consultant positions for the remainder of the game’s development. Regardless, the influence of Team Ico was clearly evident in The Last Guardian, from its muted color palette to the themes it tackles. Who knows whether this trend will continue with their new title, but one thing is clear: hopefully this one won’t take 9 years to come out.

The Last Guardian is available now, exclusively on PlayStation 4.

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