'The Last Guardian' Director Fumito Ueda Joins Twitter

It isn’t a typically big deal when a new celebrity joins the “Twitterverse" if they aren’t going to dispense with some worthwhile information. Recently though, Creator Fumito Ueda, member of Team Ico and the genius behind Ico and Shadow of the Colossus, has become an official Twitter member, but read on before you smash that follow button.

Ueda’s next project, the highly anticipated  The Last Guardian, has only had one tweet dedicated to it, making me wonder why Team Ico is playing with its loyal fans. Ever since its no-show at this past E3, Team Ico has forced gamers to wonder if this is going to be one of those “tortured artist” projects where we want so badly to play it but we never get to. With Tokyo Game Show on its way and Ueda tweeting that they do have something to unveil, it gives me hope that not only might we get to see more of The Last Guardian but we also might find out how it plays.

The Last Guardian looks, at least to me, to be one of those games that will remind us of the viability of video games as a storytelling medium. Just based on the trailer seen on the game's official site, it looks like the giant “bird-dog” is going to be one of the single greatest emotional investments in a video game to date. And it doesn’t even follow a shiny gold trail, Peter Molyneux.

If you are so inclined go ahead and follow Ueda in the hopes that he will tease you with the proverbial breadcrumb in regards to The Last Guardian. But be ready for Tokyo Game Show when we will, hopefully, finally be able to revisit this video game auteurs’ next masterpiece.

For those interested, Ueda’s Twitter can be found here.

So Ranters, will you follow Ueda in the hopes that you might get some information about The Last Guardian? If you do decide to, make sure you get a translator.

Source: Andria Sang

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