Last.FM Coming to the PS3?

logo of last fm has had a year-long exclusivity deal with the Xbox 360 that ends in November. Seeing how the launch of the streaming music service on Microsoft's console resulted in two-million sign-ups, within the first four months, it's only to be expected that the people at would want to branch out to other consoles.

Now, it sounds as if Orlena Yeung, Vice President of, is teasing that a new console version of may be a reality.

In an interview from the latest Official Xbox Magazine, Yeung didn't exactly promise any certainties - but still stated that new console specific features will be coming to the music service in the near future.

She also hints that they'll add more social features to the services:

"I think we can create more experience where users are socializing their music taste across gaming and music. We will see..."

In order for to continue to expand their stake in the video game market, they would need to make the jump to a new console.

While both the PS3 and the Wii have the hardware specs to support streaming music it would be more reasonable to  side with the PS3 - because of the Wii's well-known novice gamer (kiddie) appeal.

In addition, the upcoming social-networking features are certainly appreciated. The feature that is the most needed, in my mind, is the ability to stream and listen to music in the console's background. Currently the biggest flaw in the Xbox 360 version of is the fact that you're locked into the application - and must quit completely if you would like to surf the dashboard, or jump into a game. Hopefully the issue will be addressed in the potential PS3 version as well as on the Xbox 360 with the new feature update.

What would you like to see added to the 360 version Do you think will make it to the PS3 any time soon?

Source: CVG

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