Ever wish you could be a bartender – but in the Star Wars Universe? If you have an iPhone or iPod Touch then your dreams are about to come true.

THQ has been working on a new casual game for the iPhone OS called Star Wars Cantina that is due out soon. In the game, you run a cantina on Tatooine, serving patrons with familiar faces. THQ’s draft of the App store description reads:

“Your task is to see that the right beverage finds its way to the right customer. And don’t keep them waiting, some of the customers are real troublemakers! Working towards your daily quota, accuracy and speed are essential. As a reward for a job well done, outfit your cantina with decorations and attractions to appeal to even the most difficult customers.”

The Star Wars Cantina iPhone Gameplay

Seems like there’s quite a few mobile games of the turn-based strategy genre coming out of the woodwork (see our post on We Rule). I think this looks fun, and with a few features to drag you in. The classic cantina band music is a must, and it’s based on the Star Wars Universe – no brainer. Although, it might not be enough to hold us off until Star Wars: The Old Republic comes out – whenever that is – but I’ll definitely check it out.

The Star Wars Cantina iPhone

THQ’s The Star Wars Cantina is said to hit the App store soon, and their upcoming Lightsaber Duel – battle friends via bluetooth (epic!) – is due out in April.

Source: Mobile Entertainment