Come the 17th of May, your FarmVille is going to get a little more wile and creative in what could be one of the most interesting ways of delivering new and upcoming music. Zynga (the folks behind FarmVille, Words with Friends, Mafia Wars, and other iDevice and Facebook timewasters) is teaming up with pop diva Lady Gaga for a week’s worth of goodies, music, and opportunities to see the Gaga herself.

Starting on May 17th, players of FarmVille will be able to head over to neighboring farm “GagaVille,” where they can experience Lady Gaga’s unique and personable style: unicorns, crystals, leather, sheep on motorcycles, and “whatever else they can throw in there.” GagaVille won’t just hold the whims of the singer/songwriter however, but also the chance for fans to hear un-released tracks from her next album Born This Way, set to release on May 23rd.

Each day from May 17th through the 19th players can compete in quests to unlock three different songs — one a day — leading up to the 20th. During the fateful day, you can listen on Clear Channel’s iHeartRadio and get a sneak peek of Lady Gaga’s own select songs from the album.

Yet that’s not all that Zynga and Gaga are doing. Those who aren’t into getting their virtual hands dirty and prefer using that muscle in their noggin, can play through Words With Friends and use a randomized “Gaga Word of the Day” (such as UNICORN) for a chance to win tickets to see Lady Gaga in concert. Zynga isn’t specifying which words are winners, so it’s all a matter of using those words you figure will win you points.

So whether you’re a fan of Lady Gaga or not — or just happen to play a lot of FarmVille – it’s going to be a few days worth of Gaga-fever. If this does work out well for the pop star, this could be the beginning of a long line of musicians and artists to use Facebook, Zynga, and other social networks to spread the viral word in a big way.

Source: Zynga