'L.A. Noire' Trailer Focused on MotionScan Tech Releases Thursday

L.A. Noire Tease MotionScan Trailer

Some games are all about cutting edge technology, some prefer to focus on a fantastic story, then there are some games that aspire to equal parts of both — L.A. Noire looks to be that type of game. In order to provide gamers with a better look at how they plan to implement such a goal, this Thursday Rockstar will release a trailer highlighting L.A. Noire’s unique motion capture technology.

Dubbed MotionScan, this new style of facial animation allows the developers at Rockstar to accurately portray the facial expressions of their motion capture actors. Starting with protagonist Cole Phelps, played by Aaron Staton of Mad Men, each and every character has a look to them unlike anything seen in a video game before.

Wondering what all will be shown in the trailer? First and foremost the main focus of the piece will be:

"A special look behind the scenes of L.A. Noire featuring the revolutionary MotionScan technology that helps create the "thrillingly lifelike" renditions as seen in the recently released First Trailer - along with interviews with the cast and makers of the game."

L.A. Noire has been playing it pretty fast and loose with its screen shots as of late, releasing only enough to keep gamers satisfied, but nothing on the scale that they really desire. Hopefully this look at the motion capture work can also shed some light on what L.A. Noire will look like in action. Pre-rendered cinematic trailers are great and all but Team Bondi’s previous games have always been about the experience of roaming some faithfully recreated streets.

What could have once been a title that fell into relative obscurity instead has skyrocketed to one of the most anticipated video games of 2011. Every detail, from the ways in which interrogations will figure into the gameplay to the story of Hollywood Golden Age crime, form the perfect trappings for a nail-biter of a noir story. If you haven’t pegged L.A. Noire as a must buy, you surely will come Thursday.

Keep tuned to Game Rant this Thursday for your look at the MotionScan technology of L.A. Noire.

What are your thoughts on the first early glimpses of L.A. Noire’s motion capture tech? Is it immersive or off-putting?

L.A. Noire releases in the early half of 2011 for the PS3 and Xbox 360.

Source: CVG

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