'L.A. Noire' Releases Third Official Trailer

L.A. Noire Rockstar Official Trailer #3

Rockstar has just released the third official trailer for their upcoming game L.A. Noire and man is it awesome. If Rockstar knows how to do one thing, it is put together and release excellent trailers for their upcoming games. Good thing for gamers the games Rockstar releases usually end up being pretty awesome themselves too.

The third official trailer for L.A. Noire certainly continues Rockstar's trend of releasing great trailers, and offer a much better representation of the game than the latest L.A. Noire screenshots. The trailer looks to give gamers a little of everything, including drama, story moments, foot chases, car chases and gun battles. The people at Rockstar say the trailer is also created entirely from in-game footage, so it provides yet another chance for gamers to check out the graphics engine that will take them on their 25-30 hour main-story adventure.

While past trailers showcased first the game's various mechanics and then the investigation and interrogation gameplay, this third trailer sheds more light on protagonist Cole Phelps’ experiences rising through the ranks of the LAPD. It highlights his discoveries of illegal gambling, corruption within the force, as well as investigating a shipment of government-issued morphine killing junkies. Check it out:

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So far, it looks like L.A. Noire will have all the necessary ingredients to make a great game and a great classic-feeling noire story. If the gameplay is able to deliver, Rockstar could easily have another critical and commercial success on their hands. It will be interesting to see how much gameplay is spent chasing and shooting people versus solving crimes or interrogating witnesses. Too much of one or the other and what otherwise could be a great, deep, engrossing, and lengthly game could end up a boring, repetitive mess. Good thing Rockstar has a pretty solid reputation of delivering the goods.

What is your take on this latest L.A. Noire trailer? Do you like what you see so far? Is there any aspect of gameplay you are still hoping to see before the game comes out? Do you think this game will be as good or as successful as, say, Grand Theft Auto 4 or Red Dead Redemption? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

L.A. Noire will release on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on May 17 in the US, May 20 in Europe and Australia.


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