New 'LA Noire' Screens Show Cole Phelps On The Job

LA Noire Preview Gameplay PAX East

Rockstar Games has released even more screens of their upcoming 1940s crime drama game, LA Noire. The latest images have more of a focus on protagonist Cole Phelps as he does detective things. You really get a chance to admire the MotionScan technology Team Bondi is using to bring life to the characters of LA Noire and these new screens show how much the game has come along.

LA Noire looks incredible, to say the least and from the first trailer shown, the game will have a slightly different approach to the storytelling aspect of video games. Information on the story of LA Noire is a bit scant, but do offer a good inference to the game progression.

If it's in any way like Red Dead Redemption, LA Noire will very much focus on Cole Phelps and his impact on the world and the underworld of 1947 Los Angeles. Exposition will be woven in between driving and shooting segments, but with the title's focus on possible crime investigation, there may be a dialogue system included. After all, interrogating a suspect or questioning a witness is a large part of criminal investigation.

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One of Team Bondi's last entries into the videogame market was the PS2 game, The Getaway, taking place in London. The presentation and storytelling was very impressive, resulting in The Getaway feeling as much as a film as it did a video game. Here's hoping that the gunplay and driving of LA Noire will receive as much care and attention, two parts of The Getaway which did not impress very well. Let's also not forget the awkward controls of Red Dead Redemption and Grand Theft Auto IV...

If you still want to know why LA Noire is going to be a bit of a big deal in 2011, check out the LA Noire trailer and see the MotionScan technology in action.

As more information develops for LA Noire, Game Rant will be here to bring it to you.

LA Noire is slated for a Spring 2011 release for Xbox 360 or PS3.

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