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Every good cop needs a partner. Magnum had T.C., McMillan had his wife, and Sherlock Holmes had Watson. Cole Phelps will have Stefan Bekowsky in LA Noire, who will probably be sticking by Phelps over the 30 hour game. Bekowsky looks to be the antithesis of Phelps' straight-man role and will be a little bit more easy going and loose. The latest images released show that's a good thing, as nobody can go through investigating murders without a little bit of humor.

Whether it be in a shootout or a fist fight, Bekowsky will be there to back Phelps up and have his own interactions with various NPCs of the world, either through joshing around with beat cops or questioning witnesses.

In addition to having your back when the heat is on, Bekowsky will  play an important role during LA Noire's interrogation sequences.

Bekowsky could be filling in the bad cop role during these sequences, still allowing Phelps to take care of the actual questioning, but not many details have been given in that regard.

How does Rockstar paint the picture of Bekowsky? Check out his official description:

"The young, jocular Traffic desk detective,Stefan Bekowsky, is highly regarded around the department for his sharp mind, reliability, and dedication. Bekowsky proves to be a loyal friend and partner to Phelps as they pursue a string of intriguing cases."

In addition to releasing the information about Phelps' partner, Rockstar Games has also released some new screens showing the duo together, and some that put Bekowsky in the spotlight. Check them out below:

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It's not surprising to see how LA Noire is going to be Rockstar's most mature game yet. Team Bondi is putting in a lot of work into ensure the world of 1940s Los Angeles is just as romantic and dangerous as it once was.

The final product seems likely to impress gamers and critics and add another step to Rockstar's stable of open-world titles. Don't think so? Check out our preview for the game.

LA Noire will be releasing on May 15, 2011 for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Source: Rockstar

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