LA Noire Pre-Order Exclusive 'Naked City' Gets Trailer

LA Noire Naked City Trailer

As was detailed before, pre-ordering LA Noire from various retailers will net the purchaser different bonuses — from new cases to detective suits. Among those bonuses is a new case to solve, titled “Naked City,” which is being offered exclusively by GameStop and which has just received a trailer.

A prime example of just how cutthroat Hollywood was in the ‘60s, “Naked City” puts detective Cole Phelps head first into a tale about a model who was too ambitious too fast. Utilizing all of LA Noire’s key gameplay features, including its unique interrogation mechanic, Cole Phelps must discover the truth amidst a flurry of gunfire, uncooperative suspects and falling debris.

Like any good hard-boiled detective fiction, this trailer for “Naked City” shows off just how detailed the world of LA Noire is. Everything about the trailer, from the music to the high contrast lighting, makes “Naked City” seem more like a film than a game experience — something we hope LA Noire does from beginning to end.

LA Noire is expected to receive a Mature rating so view the trailer at your own discretion:


Those who might have been disappointed to learn that certain missions were only being offered as pre-order exclusives will be happy to hear that each of the exclusives will be available digitally at some point — though we expect it will be some time after the game’s release. It wouldn’t be fair to cheat those who do make the effort to pre-order the game.

With each new look at LA Noire, from the new tech involved to the way it captures the second golden age of Hollywood, comes the belief that the game will be something truly unique. It might carry with it the signature trademarks of developer Team Bondi, features that also have made appearances in previous Rockstar titles, but as a complete experience it should be very high on gamers’ most anticipated games of 2011 lists.

Does this look at “Naked City” entice you into pre-ordering LA Noire from GameStop? How many more trailers for this game do we need before it becomes a serious Game of the Year contender?

LA Noire releases May 15, 2011 for the PS3 and Xbox 360.

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