L.A. Noire's Main Story is 25-30 Hours Long

LA Noire an Official Selection at Tribeca Film Festival

A common problem that seems to plague the video game industry, or at least the gamers who are paying high prices to play them, are highly sought-after titles that are visually appealing and have an interesting premise, but only take about five hours to complete.

There are certain culprits out there (and they know who they are) who are infamous for committing this felony, but at least there is one highly anticipated game that won't betray us like so many before it. Rockstar Games' new I.P. L.A. Noire not only looks visually stunning and cerebrally stimulating, but we're told it'll at the very least provide a 25 hour-long campaign.

Game Rant recently a chance to sit down and talk with some reps from Rockstar at this year's PAX East during a closed-door demonstration of their new game L.A. Noire; which we've summarized for your viewing pleasure in a PAX East Preview. While GR was at the session we managed to score some sweet information from the reps, and they stated that their game's main story would last anywhere from 25-30 hours long.

While 30 hours is impressive it'll take even longer to achieve that highly coveted 100% complete percentile, as there are other cases players will come across that aren't part of the main story. Allegedly, there will be various backstory missions that help build up the identity to some of the lesser characters who appear in L.A. Noire, and those backstory cases will temporarily put a freeze on the game's main story. On top of these "unassigned cases", there will also be more missions and outfits made available through DLC, which will be available on launch day for those who pre-order the game from select retailers.

L.A. Noire seems to be the game that everybody should, and eventually will, have their eyes on. The breathtaking gameplay's blend of action and problem-solving, coupled with the new MotionScan Facial Animation technology, is set to add a whole new level of realism that just hasn't been seen in other games, and that will certainly help immerse players in L.A. Noire's already massive campaign. It's also nice to see that Rockstar's latest will be last significantly longer than Homefront's 5-hour campaign, which has landed the game in some controversy as of late.

How long should a video game be with a full retail price tag?

L.A. Noire is set to release on both Xbox 360 and PS3 on May 17th, 2011.

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