It seems as if the shroud of mystery is finally being pulled off of the upcoming L.A. Noire. As Game Rant reported 3 weeks ago, Rockstar Games’ long anticipated open world adventure game would be revealed in the march issue of Game Informer as “the big cover story”. As IGN reports from the cover story:

  • The game takes place in a “painstakingly recreated” and “historically accurate” City of Los Angeles
  • You take on the role of Cole Phelps, A beat cop who wants to clear the scum of the streets of L.A but is alone in this fight for justice as his department is “mired in corruption”
  • You start the game at the bottom of the food chain and rise up the ranks to the top of the department
  • Clues on crime scenes won’t have prompts and instead will rely on gamers eye for detail to spot essential clues to the on going investigation and each clue will be written down onto a notepad that you can bring up at any time
  • The interview system within the game is the killer app that the developer is pushing for this game. It relies on a groundbreaking facial tracking system used during mo-cap which captured the facial movements as actors spoke their lines during the process, to create perfect renderings of actor’s scenes.
  • Players will have to watch the suspects face to detect whether or not they are lying
  • You will be given three options to probe the suspect with: coax, accuse or force depending on their reaction to your previous choice a la mass effect

This game is turning out to be very interesting and seems to be the game that finally brings Team BondiĀ into the forefront of gaming. What do you all think of the game? Can Team Bondi hit the nail on the head first time around? Will L.A. Noire redefine the open world adventure game as we know it?

L.A. Noire is no longer a PS3 exclusive, coming out for it and the Xbox 360 sometime this year.

Sources: IGN

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