'L.A. Noire' Delayed Until 2011

LA Noire PAX East Gameplay Preview

There are very few games that you can say are tailor-made for you. For me, that game is L.A. Noire and unfortunately, for all of us, it has been delayed until some time in first half of 2011.

That's right, if you were hoping to get duke it out with your friends wearing pinstripes and a fedora, you're going to have to wait until some time between January 1st and June 31st 2011.

Take Two CEO Ben Feder had this to say about the delay:

"If a title needs more time, it needs more time - and we're willing to give it. I will say about L.A. Noire that as I look around competitively at the marketplace, there is nothing else quite like it in terms of the gameplay and the technology behind it. We want to make sure we get it absolutely right."

Seeing as how coverage of L.A. Noire has been in somewhat short supply (maybe a delay isn't so surprising after all), here’s a quick recap: A detective story set in the 1940s, the game has been described as being a cross between Heavy Rain and GTA. It isn’t exactly outside of Rockstar’s wheelhouse but after what was done with Red Ded Redemption, and how closely they were able to provide a cinematic experience, I believe that LA Noire has the potential to be a true Rockstar masterpiece.

As an independent filmmaker, gamer, and fan of all things Raymond Chandler or James Ellroy, I can’t express how badly I want to play this game. Ever since the initial teaser trailer I knew LA Noire would be a day one purchase. Considering the game is a new Rockstar IP, it's flown low under the radar.

Since the title's announcement, way back in 2006, we haven’t seen a single gameplay frame that is for sure in the final product - which makes me nervous. The game has been plagued with so many delays that I can't help but feel toyed with.

With only bad news recently, we can only hope that as we near 2011 more information gets unveiled about L.A. Noire and that its release date is closer to January 1st than June 31st. For now, put on your best fedora, light up a smoke, and pop The Maltese Falcon in your DVD player.

What are you feelings on L.A. Noire and its delay? Are you like me and are crushed or has this game stayed off your radar for a reason?

L.A. Noire releases some time in the first half of 2011 on the PS3 and Xbox 360.

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