The Academy Awards air this weekend and anyone tuned into the world of film knows that La La Land is favored to walk away with a heap of awards. The modern musical has become incredibly popular since its initial limited release and it’s being parodied in everything from SNL skits to commercials. La La Land can’t escape the world of video games either and now has a retro 8-bit remake thanks to CineFix.

The short 8-bit video is a fantastic NES-style imagining of what Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone might’ve looked like in the old school days of gaming. Have a look for yourself to see the reimagined characters and hear the already iconic La La Land soundtrack reinvented in 8-bit glory…

Be warned: Some La La Land spoilers will be revealed in the video

Although the video is made in the NES style, it has some great nods to other gaming tropes, like the more contemporary rhythm game genre. The stars falling down to the keyboard like notes in DDR or Guitar Hero is a fantastic touch.

La La Land isn’t the first non-video game to get the 8-bit treatment, either. Most recently, both Batman V Superman and the Netflix hit Stranger Things received similar old school video game unofficial remakes. It definitely seems strange seeing a less action-packed movie like La La Land in the video game style, but we appreciate the parody anyway.

What do you think of the 8-bit La La Land video? What other movies would you like to see get an 8-bit treatment? Let us know in the comments.

La La Land is playing in select theaters now.

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