Kudo Tsunoda Says Kinect Will Evolve Like Xbox Live

Microsoft's Kinect For Xbox 360

Kinect went on sale this morning in the UK, but Kinect frontman Kudo Tsunoda was already talking up the device at the Kinect launch event last night at the London Natural History Museum. One of the messages the perpetually shaded one had for fans was that he expects Kinect to evolve over time, not unlike Xbox Live.

This is what Kudo had to say about their feelings on the future of Kinect:

"We look at Kinect in a lot of the same way we look at Xbox Live. Xbox Live obviously looks a lot different today than it did when it was first released and I think that's the same approach that we take with Kinect."

If you’ve already decided to buy a Kinect and are thinking to yourself that these evolutions will mean buying new hardware, Kudo had some good news for you as well:

"We've got lots of great stuff available at launch. You can see what we're doing with the games, the great voice stuff with movies and Sky - but I do think it's going to be the kind of thing we're going to continue to build on and continue to deliver new features, so that anyone who buys the Kinect sensor now will be able to get all those types of fun things to do over time as we deliver new types of platform features."

While not completely sold out across the board, Kinect does have a lot of steam behind it so far. Game reviews have been a little mixed, but most people agree that the hardware itself is capable of delivering what was promised.

However, despite this, Kinect is not without its share of limitations. The Kinect Hub, basic menu system and voice commands could all be easily improved or expanded upon. It’s welcome news to know that Microsoft intends to do exactly that through firmware updates rather than total hardware refreshes.

Any Ranters out there already playing with Kinect? How do you think they could improve the experience? What additions would you like to see in future updates? Should Kudo just take off those sunglasses already? Let us know!

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