Leaked Video Shows Kratos' Fatality in Upcoming 'Mortal Kombat'

Kratos' Fatalities Mortal Kombat

Mortal Kombat punches and kicks its way to shelves next week. Once gamers get their hands on it they can jump in and start fighting their way up the Challenge Tower, fighting friends, or they look to perform every character's fatality in the fatality trainer. But fans looking to see one of Kratos' fatalities now, however, do not need to wait until the 19th.

A video showing one of Kratos' fatalities has hit YouTube. Unfortunately, it is not the best quality video and it has some cheesy rock riff audio played over the video, but for fans eager to see how brutal Kratos can get or Xbox 360 owners who might just want to watch the fatality now before getting their Kratos-less version of the game, the video still does the trick.

In case the above paragraphs were not completely clear, the video below is a SPOILER of sorts. If you do not want to see or know what Kratos' fatality is in the new Mortal Kombat, then do not watch this video. With that out of the way, check out Kratos getting the win for yourself:


Pretty cool. I think they managed to nail a pretty nice looking jello/wobble effect for the body after it has been split in two. I am not sure if it seems all that over-the-top or gory though. Not that a super-gory fatality is required per se but when Kratos is already such a violent character and his moves are so over-the-top and blood filled in the God of War games, seeing Kratos cut someone in half in Mortal Kombat has a little less impact that it otherwise could. I mean, how many times have we seen Kratos stab someone in the eye or rip their head off already?

I am not sure what I wanted Kratos' fatality to be, I just know this one did not totally hit the mark for me. This fatality is in no way a total disappointment, it just leaves a little to be desired. Maybe his second fatality will fill that void.

What is your take? Do you think this is the perfect fatality for Kratos? What would your ideal Kratos fatality look like? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Mortal Kombat arrives April 19, 2011 for the PS3 and Xbox 360.


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Source: ISpywithEye YouTube

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