Few things still exist that match the dedication and unabated love some fans have for the Star Wars saga. Today that dedication has resulted in the completion of a 3-year long project, the scale of which can certainly be described as being truly epic. Since the rather rushed release of Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords in 2004, some fans thought more could have been done by Obsidian Entertainment to flesh out the universe handed down to them from BioWare. As it turns out, they couldn’t have been more right.

Over the past three years, a few modders have taken it upon themselves to find and restore original content into KOTOR II that wasn’t available in the 2004 release — an effort that has come to be known as The Sith Lords Restored Content mod. Extended conversations, deeper subplots and an entire playable area have been placed back into and integrated with the original game — with several bug fixes to boot. A major feature of note is the addition of the HK Manufacturing Plant, which, while referenced in the game, was never seen until now.

KOTOR 2 Sith Lords Restored Content Screenshot

The 'Restored Content' mod also addresses a number of issues in the PC port of the Xbox-native title, including graphical glitches and inconsistencies, control issues, and much more.

Since its first beta version in 2009, several other modders have gotten involved in the project to add more content, transforming the mod from a fairly simple fan edit into a full-fledged modder phenomenon. The Restored Content mod has gained a massive following, and currently sits at #2 on ModDB‘s most popular mod list.

While BioWare’s MMORPG, Star Wars: The Old Republic is currently taking the limelight, many fans of the series still appreciate the first two, very bold entries into the early history of the Star Wars universe — myself included. What say you, Ranters: how do you feel about breathing new life into older games, and are there any specific titles you find yourself coming back to?

Knight of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords puts players directly inside the Star Wars universe at a time when the evil Sith have all but wiped out the Jedi across the universe. Players can experience the game however they like, making choices along the way that push them towards the light or dark sides of the Force. The Sith Lords Restored Content mod for the game be found on ModDB’s website here.

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Source: VG247