Konami Rep Says 'I Hope We Earn You Back'

Konami Rep Says 'I Hope We Earn You Back' - Metal Gear Solid 5 Snake

Konami's US social media manager takes to Reddit to respond to fan questions and comments regarding Konami, Metal Gear Solid, Castlevania, Silent Hill, and more.

In 2015, Konami managed to alienate almost all of its dedicated fans through a series of head-scratching decisions that included high profile games being cancelled, major talent jumping ship, and the company switching its focus from console gaming to pachinko machines. Some think that the damage has been done, but Konami's social media manager in the US believes that there is still hope for the company to win back its fans.

Konami's social media guy, whose name is "Ben," has been responding to Konami-related posts on Reddit for the past month. It seems like most of his posts are defending Konami from criticism, but he also has let slip some interesting pieces of information about things that could go a long way in repairing the damaged relationship the company has with its fans.

For example, we know that Konami has plans for future Metal Gear Solid games on console, and Ben has teased that an announcement will come next to year, in celebration of the franchise's 30th anniversary. If Konami is able to produce something impressive that Metal Gear Solid fans will want to play, even without the involvement of franchise creator Hideo Kojima, then some may be willing to forgive its past transgressions.

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Speaking of past Konami transgressions, one of its most controversial decisions last year was the cancellation of Silent Hills. While Ben didn't outright state that Konami is working on a new Silent Hill game, he did say that when one of the company's franchises isn't seen for awhile, it doesn't mean that the series is dead; rather, it means that Konami is "reviewing the IP" and trying to "find a good fit."

Even if Konami announced new games in all of its beloved franchises, it would still have a long road ahead of it when it comes to winning back fans. After all, Konami fans aren't just upset about the lack of Castlevania or Silent Hill sequels - they are also upset about the perceived mistreatment of Hideo Kojima, who wasn't even allowed to accept an award for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain at The Game Awards 2016 this past December.

Stranger things have happened in the video game industry, however, and while it may be difficult for Konami to win back its fans, it's certainly not impossible. Ben's approach to the matter, engaging with fans directly on Reddit, could be a step in the right direction, and prove to former Konami enthusiasts that the company cares about their opinions.

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