Report: Konami Is Not Removing Silent Hills PT From Your PS4

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Although it has been months since the mysterious fallout between Kojima and Konami went down, the full impact of the dissolved partnership is still up for debate. Many gamers are worried that the final Metal Gear Solid 5 product will suffer from the rocky breakup, while horror fans are still mourning the death of Silent Hills. After the game’s PT (playable teaser) was removed from the PSN Store, rumors began to circulate that Konami would be removing the game from all PS4s that installed it. Weeks after those rumors started, some facts are finally coming out of the Silent Hills camp.

Immediately after the PT was removed from the PSN Store reports of the game being removed from players’ consoles began. Although many outlets originally attributed the removals to Konami, the latest reports suggest that gamers may have just deleted it to make space and forgotten.

A spokesperson from Konami reached out to VG247 to offer some details about the removal of the Silent Hills PT from the PSN Store and the rumors about it being removed from PS4s. Here is the information that Konami shared, according to VG247…

Microsoft Buying Silent Hills

“Konami said that some users may have accidently deleted the demo – which is no longer available on PSN – but there is no system in place that allows Konami or Sony to automatically delete content on a home console.”

It’s likely that gamers who were looking forward to a new installment in the Silent Hill franchise are still disappointed that the company ended its partnership with del Toro so suddenly, but confirmation that the PT is not being removed from PS4s is as close as the community will get to a consolation prize. Consumers may never get a chance to purchase what would surely have been a terrifying new direction in the survival horror genre, but at least the game’s spirit can live on in the demo.

There have been rumors that other parties, including Microsoft, are interested in purchasing the property and moving forward with Silent Hills, but so far there has been no confirmation of those rumors. Many fans had high hopes that Silent Hills would show up at E3 and its absence was not a great sign for the game’s possible future.

Although it is likely that Sony and Microsoft have the ability to brick a console if the user has breached some rules, it’s good to know that Konami and Sony are not abusing that kind of power by removing the PT. Konami claims that there is no system in place to remove specific software from a home console and as the gaming world continues moving in the digital direction hopefully it stays that way.

Are you happy to hear that your copy of the demo will stay in tact? Do you think Konami should have left the demo on the PSN Store so new PS4 owners could experience it? Let us know in the comments.

Silent Hills has been cancelled and is no longer scheduled for release.

Source: VG247