Konami Reveals 'NeverDead' Release Date

NeverDead Release Date

Konami and Rebellion Software's upcoming third person action game NeverDead hasn't seen much media coverage, so you'd be forgiven for forgetting the game even exists. Unfortunately, you won't have much time to catch up as Konami has announced the title is coming quick, releasing on January 31st, 2012.

The story of NeverDead centers around demon hunter Bryce Boltzmann, who is on a quest to avenge his late wife while simultaneously battling a multitude of demons hell bent on his destruction. That might all sound fine and dandy, but for those who can recall the Megadeth-infused trailer from just a few months ago, NeverDead's strength seems to lay in its gameplay, not its story.

As a shooter, NeverDead is hardly by the books. Bryce can be dismembered by enemies to the point where he is just a head rolling around on the floor. Effectively, Bryce is not able to die (hence the game title) and he can regenerate his body once he is safe. If you're still wondering how a game can be at all challenging if there isn't any death, that's quickly remedied by Bryce's partner Arcadia. If she dies, it's game over. The game sure does sound fun, but hopefully this won't result in an over abundance of escort missions.

NeverDead Releases January 31st 2012

The biggest problem NeverDead faces when it releases will be the other games releasing around it. January 31st alone sees the release of both Final Fantasy XIII-2 and SoulCalibur V. It would be helpful if the game at least got some marketing. Since the trailer back in September, we've heard nothing of the game - that's a whole three months silence. Considering the title launches next month Konami has a lot of work to do unless they expect the title to sell by word of mouth alone.

Those qualms aside, NeverDead looks like it could be a great amount of fun when it releases, and we hope it's not overlooked by most gamers. The whole dismemberment system seems like a great twist on the traditional third person shooter gameplay, and we just hope the title's gameplay plays just as fun as it looks.

NeverDead January 31st, 2012 for the PS3 and Xbox 360.


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