“War. War never changes,” as the narrator from Fallout once said. This certainly rings true for Parker Brothers’ board game, Risk. Looking at a Risk game board today is nearly identical to looking at one of the original boards from 1957. So what happens when a Risk game board is paired with a Metal Gear Solid motif? To quote Old Snake “War has changed.”

Or at least it will change now that Konami has announced Risk: Metal Gear Solid Limited Edition, which is set to sneak out and put us into a headlock of childhood nostalgia. The Metal Gear Solid board game set contains all of the things you would expect from a standard game of Risk such as dice, armies, and card sets. However, it also contains a few Metal Gear Solid elements that affect the gameplay rather significantly while also providing an interesting artistic theme. In fact, veteran Metal Gear Solid artist Yoji Shinkawa has signed on to do custom artwork for the game’s packaging.

Some of the new game elements being introduced include an Outer Heaven Model battleship which can be utilized by players to invade territories on the board that, in a standard game of Risk, would have been safe. So for all you kids out there with the ‘Australian Stronghold’ strategy, you may want to beware of Outer Heaven!

Metal Gear Solid Risk will also come with Boss cards, Drebin cards, and even unique rewards cards. Therefore, I think we can all assume that anyone who has the ‘Liquid Snake’ card with the ‘Rail Gun’ card on the ‘Shadow Moses Island’ tile is most definitely the guilty party. What? Oh dammit, wrong game!

The game will also utilize the 2008-present core set of Risk rules which USAopoly is saying will lead to a more streamlined game experience. Additionally, there are three ways to play the game, so if you want to play something other than a box standard game of Risk you have some options here. Some photos of the set are below for your viewing pleasure:

This genuinely looks pretty cool and it could be a hit among the Metal Gear faithful when it releases. Risk: Metal Gear Solid Limited Edition will be available for presale beginning on October 3rd with an expected ship date of November. The board game will be available exclusively online at USAopoly, and will be priced at $49.95.