When Hideo Kojima departed developer Konami in 2015, it kickstarted a two year-long bout of drama that took over the gaming industry. Now, just as gamers were starting to forget about the whole thing, it seems there has been more fuel added to the flames, causing the Konami-Kojima drama fire to flare up again just in time for E3 2017.

The latest in the Konami-Kojima drama saga centers around a few new revelations that came out by way of Nikkei, a respected Japanese news outlet. First up, according to Nikkei, Konami is unhappy with some comments Kojima made at last year’s Tokyo Game Show about Metal Gear Survive.

At the time, Kojima slammed Metal Gear Survive, saying to him, Metal Gear is about political espionage and isn’t a situation where he’d expect to see zombies show up. In response, Konami sent a letter to Kojima telling him he was “unfairly sullying the reputation” of the developer. The continued clash between the two entities has also led to ongoing disputes about payments that Konami apparently still owes Kojima, though Konami insists it’s paying what’s appropriate.


The drama doesn’t stop there. In addition to the Metal Gear comments and payment dispute, there’s also the situation with the Kanto IT Software Health Insurance Association. Kojima Productions has been unable to join the association, and thinks Konami is a big reason why, considering Konami is a big player in the association. Joining the association would give Kojima Productions employees discounts on health insurance, hotels, restaurants, and gym memberships, so it’s something the company is anxious to be a part of. Naturally, Konami isn’t replying to requests for comment about the situation.

The final bit of drama has to do with Konami’s reported treatment of former employees. Again, according to Nikkei, Konami is not allowing former employees to refer to themselves as “Formerly of Konami” in their new positions, and is also telling other companies to be weary of hiring former Konami employees. That’s a significant allegation from against the gaming developer.

This latest drama between Konami and Kojima is an interesting continuation of the dispute between the two. It’s a saga that’s both sad and fascinating, and doesn’t look to be wrapping up anytime soon. Hopefully the two entities will be able to move past these issues and avoid any more issues. That said, at least it’s making for good theater while it continues.

Source: Nikkei