Kojima to Reveal the Truth about 'Metal Gear Solid: Rising' Tonight

Metal Gear Solid Rising Reveal at Spike 2011 Video Game Awards

Tonight the 2011 Spike Video Game Awards will reveal new trailers and info on some of the most anticipated games of 2012. One of the games that we'll finally get some information about will be Metal Gear Solid: Rising.

MGS: Rising has been on many Metal Gear fans' radar, especially after the Zan-Datsu trailer that showed off the impressive ways players could dismember their foes. Up until now Kojima Productions have been very quiet about details of the title and that will all change tonight.

Last month Hideo Kojima spoke about the development of the game, stating that, even though he's not officially on the project, he is still keeping an eye on its development. If things stray too far from his standards of a quality Metal Gear experience, then Kojima will jump in to get it back on track.

Leading up to tonight's VGAs, Spike TV has been teasing that we'll finally know “the truth” about Metal Gear Solid: Rising. What is this truth they're talking about? The truth that the game may be released in 2012? Let's just hope Kojima Productions won't pull a bait and switch like in Metal Gear Solid 2, and not cast Raiden as the main protagonist of the story.

Spike TV and GameTrailers personality, Geoff Keighley took to the internet to tease Kojima's appearance at the VGAs, by confirming his seat location. Check out Geoff's pic below.

Kojima Reveal at the Spike 2011 Video Game Awards

Last year's VGAs brought us the announcement of Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, and regardless of what Kojima announces this year, fans of his work will be sure to love it.

The shift from stealth action to lighting fast mele combat will be a great departure from the series and time will tell if this will be welcomed with the Metal Gear community.

What do you think Hideo Kojima will reveal tonight about Metal Gear Solid: Rising?

Metal Gear Solid: Rising will launch sometime in 2012 for PS3, PC, Xbox 360.


Source: Geoff Keighley

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