Yet another layer of the Kojima Productions riddle is revealed as Hideo Kojima unveils a closeup of the face of Ludens, the studio’s mysterious mascot.

In true Hideo Kojima form, the legendary game creator has been keeping nearly everything about his production company a mystery since his departure from Konami last year. The end of the Metal Gear creator’s partnership with the company was full of secrets and rumors and Kojima has chosen to start things off at his next project with just as many question marks.

Luckily, this time around the mystery is all in good fun. Instead of money problems and corporate drama, Kojima has been slowly revealing the mascot for Kojima Productions and the company has been offering conflicting reports about whether or not the character will appear in an upcoming game. After a series of profile shots, drawings, and a full body shot, Kojima is now ready to reveal the face of the mascot who goes by the name of Ludens.

Have a look at the masked mascot for yourself…


The character’s face is still partially covered by a mask, but this is the closet we’ve come to seeing Ludens up close and personal. In addition to the partial reveal of what is under the helmet, the poster also includes the phrase, ‘I’ll keep coming.’ It’s unclear at this point whether that is a reference to something in a future game or if it is a commentary on Kojima’s career. It’s very likely that there’s some truth to both theories. When asked for comment at this point, Kojima Productions released a statement explaining, “You can freely imagine whatever you see.”

If the past is any indicator, the mysterious nature of Kojima Productions’ upcoming game will continue long after the mascot’s true nature has been fully revealed. The company has yet to confirm or deny whether Ludens is a character in the upcoming game and so far have only suggested that the finished product will appeal to fans of Uncharted 4 and The Division. That’s a pretty different direction from Kojima’s usual world of stealth, so it will be exciting to see the genius take a step in a new direction.

The game is still in pre-production as of the last update, so don’t expect any big reveals at E3 2016. Although it’s never too early for a teaser trailer, right? Kojima has big plans for the AAA action title and has even suggested that he hopes it inspires manga, anima, and a line of toys. Time will tell, but if Kojima’s previous games are any indication, then it seems like a safe bet that a new franchise is about to be born.

Can you spot any secret messages or meaning in the new photo that we missed? If so, let us know in the comments.

Source: Gamespot