Hideo Kojima reveals the full body of the Kojima Productions studio mascot, LUDENCE, who appears to be wearing an impressively detailed futuristic suit of armor.

Hideo Kojima teased fans a few days ago by promising that the Kojima Productions logo held secrets, which turned out to be that the logo was really just the head of the company’s mascot. Then yesterday, the Kojima Productions mascot was named LUDENCE, and Kojima held a poll asking fans what they thought he was wearing. Most fans guessed that LUDENCE was wearing an armored suit, and it appears as though they were correct.

Hideo Kojima posted an impressive photo of LUDENCE on Twitter today, revealing the character’s full body. LUDENCE looks like a skeleton wearing some sort of cross between medieval armor and an astronaut suit. Along with the photo of LUDENCE, Kojima also shared these interesting words, which could hint about what his next game project will entail:

“We’ll deliver THE NEW PLAY in THE NEW FUTURE with the cutting-edge equipment, technology, & the frontier spirit.”

Check out the first photo of LUDENCE, the company mascot of Kojima’s new studio, below.

Hideo Kojima Reveals Full Body of Studio Mascot - LUDENCE full body

It is clear that a lot of work went into producing this photo of LUDENCE, but even so, Kojima claims that the image is not a screenshot of the company’s in-development AAA action game. It’s possible that this version of LUDENCE was made simply for the company’s logo animation that will appear at the beginning of its games, or that this is a concept rendering of LUDENCE, who will be remade for the actual game.

Alternatively, LUDENCE could have some sort of cameo in Kojima’s next game. Honestly, there’s a lot of different directions that Kojima Productions can go with LUDENCE, and until Hideo Kojima is ready to talk about his next game, we will be left to speculate about how LUDENCE will play a role in the title, if he will at all.


Even if LUDENCE has little to do with Hideo Kojima’s next game, there’s a chance that his look is a hint about what fans can expect from the title. Based on LUDENCE’s appearance and the quote posted with the photo, it seems as though Kojima’s next game is a sci-fi title that possibly features space exploration elements. Again, this is just speculation until we get something more concrete from Kojima himself.

Until then, fans will just have to speculate about what Kojima Productions has in the pipeline. It will be Kojima’s first game away from Konami, so all eyes will be on him and his studio to see if the magic of the Metal Gear franchise can be recreated. In the meantime, let’s hope Kojima is ready to share some more details about his next game sooner rather than later.

The mystery game from Kojima Productions doesn’t currently have a title, but it is in development for PC and PlayStation 4.

Source: Hideo Kojima – Twitter