Hideo Kojima posts a photograph of himself and the planned star of Silent Hills, Norman Reedus, prompting speculation that the actor could appear in a new Kojima Productions project.

Ever since the legendary game designer managed to successfully emancipate himself from his post at Konami, the industry has watched the motions of Hideo Kojima very carefully. Now, the Metal Gear creator has dropped a hint on Twitter that might suggest that his Silent Hills project could live on under a different name.

On Monday, Kojima took to Twitter to post a photograph of himself and star of The Walking Dead, Norman Reedus.  The actor was confirmed to be a part of the project back in 2014, when his likeness appeared as part of a trailer attached to the infamous P.T. demo.

Obviously, plans for Silent Hills fell apart when the relationship between Kojima and Konami turned sour during the developent of Metal Gear Solid 5. However, the friendship struck up between Kojima and Reedus seems to be intact, with both looking rather happy in the photograph of their reunion.

While the pair are pictured in a social setting, Kojima’s tweet notes that they met so he could give an update about his new company. Given that Reedus has previously stated a hope that he, the designer and director Guillermo Del Toro could find another way to collaborate, it could well be that he’s involved with the studio’s first project.

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However, it’s rather difficult to determine what kind of project the newly independent Kojima Productions is preparing for. In recent weeks we’ve seen Kojima travel the world with Sony’s Mark Cerny, looking at various new technologies and meeting with a host of notable creatives.

All we know about the project Kojima is planning is that it’s set to be a PlayStation console exclusive. Speculation has run wild as to what sort of experience the designer will come up with, whether it’s revisiting something like Silent Hills or his earlier work on Zone of the Enders, or indeed coming up with something completely new.

It’s a very exciting prospect for his fans, as it certainly seems like the toxic work environment at Konami was beginning to affect his work as time progressed. However, critical response to Metal Gear Solid 5 certainly didn’t reflect the highly unusual situation that influenced its development.

Many would argue that Kojima has earned the right to work on whatever sort of project he’s interested in, given his past successes. Whatever that turns out to be, fans are playing a waiting game until the designer releases some concrete information — but, until then, teases like this meeting with Norman Reedus will likely continue.

Source: Twitter