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A new Q&A posted by Sony Computer Entertainment Europe reveals that Kojima Productions' upcoming game will be released on PC as well as PlayStation 4.

For the past nine months, Metal Gear franchise creator Hideo Kojima and Metal Gear publisher Konami have been involved in a messy public battle, which most recently culminated in Kojima being banned from The Game Awards 2015 at Konami's request. But few expected the reveal that came earlier this week; that Kojima's development team, Kojima Productions, is partnering with Sony to develop a "console exclusive" on PS4. However, while fans are glad that the famed developer hasn't left the industry, there are still big questions about the game.

One of these big questions is whether or not the upcoming game would be coming to any other platforms as the exact phrasing of 'console exclusive' was a little odd. In a Q&A posted on Medium by a Sony Computer Entertainment Europe community manager (which has since been deleted) , the company confirmed that Kojima Productions' first post-Konami game would indeed be coming to PC after PS4, though Sony didn't state how long after the PS4 launch.

Some have suggested that this timed exclusivity reveal is the reason why the questionnaire was deleted and that with no information revealed on how this exclusivity would work (e.g whether PlayStation gamers would get some exclusive content), the community manager may have jumped the gun on the announcement. Additionally, the Q&A also didn't say who owned the copyright of this new title, something which could be a key factor in whether future editions of this new franchise come to other platforms (such as Xbox One) so their may yet be hope for Kojima fans with a Microsoft console.

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Moreover, the Q&A revealed that Sony isn't investing in the company and so Kojima Productions doesn't fall under the 'Sony worldwide studios' banner. On top of this, the new game will be "completely new" and won't be related to Silent Hills or the Metal Gear franchises, but, with that said, Kojima have expressed interest in working with (Silent Hills' P.T collaborator) Guillermo del Toro and fans recently found a way to re-download the horror game, so the timing and the interest may lead the two creators to work on a new project in a similar vein.

Unfortunately, while the Q&A has set many minds at ease, there's still plenty that people are unsure about such as who will be publishing the game. Will it be Sony or will Kojima, who may be unwilling to work with a publisher after his experience with Konami, opt to go the crowdfunded route such as Shenmue 3 or Psychonauts 2 which got funding from fans and enlisted Sony to support them? Hopefully Kojima and Sony will deliver more answers soon.

Source: Polygon

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