Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima reveals that he is ‘contractually forbidden’ from discussing his much-publicized split from publisher Konami.

Ever since word leaked of the split between Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima and publisher Konami, fans have been desperate to know any and all they could about the conflict. Sure, reports surfaced from outside sources, and a few inside, but Kojima himself never offered an explanation or any thoughts for that matter. Turns out that was for good reason.

As part of his “coming out party,” which included the reveal of a new studio and a new project with Sony, Kojima revealed that he is actually not allowed to discuss his split with Konami. In harsher terms, Kojima is “contractually forbidden” from detailing any of the going-on with Konami.

While it’s not surprising to hear that Konami prevented Kojima from talking about their conflict – they did forbid him from attending The Game Awards after all – we figured he would be able to discuss the split once he’d left. Turns out we were wrong. Perhaps one of the stipulations of the split, which we presume resulted in some new agreements regarding rights to development and maybe even some financial support, was that Kojima must keep quiet.

Either way, the future couldn’t look brighter for Kojima, so there’s no use dwelling on past circumstances. First and foremost, Kojima has his new studio and partnership with Sony, which will include the release of a new game on PS4 (or maybe PS5?) and PC. We don’t know much about the game, but teases thus far have hinted at it featuring mechs and there may be a VR component if Kojima feels so inclined.

Beyond that, though, Hideo Kojima also has aspirations to expand his studio’s reach into the world of TV and film, but that sounds further down the road. The MGS creator even says that he’d like to reunite with Guillermo Del Toro and work on a project at some point.

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As far as Konami is concerned, they seem poised to return to business without Kojima. Just recently, the publisher started hiring for a new Metal Gear Solid game, confirming prior reports that the franchise would continue without Kojima.

Outside of that, though, it sounds as if Konami is dialing back its triple-A game development to include only a few select titles, including Project Evolution Soccer. Granted, the studio’s slate has always been relatively small by comparison, but recent news makes it sound like Konami is becoming the Metal Gear and soccer studio. Kojima probably has some info on that, but…

Are you surprised to hear that Kojima is forbidden from talking about his split with Kojima? Do you think we will ever get the full story?

Source: IGN