Hideo Kojima Reveals Name of Company Mascot


World renown video game creator and Metal Gear Solid 5 director Hideo Kojima reveals the name of his new studio's mascot to fans of the company online.

As many gaming fans are probably aware at this point in time, once Hideo Kojima made his departure from Konami official, the game designer and director went on to forge a brand new studio founded in his namesake. In doing so, Kojima made the decision to move forward with a completely different logo for his company from the original one that referenced the FOX Unit in the Metal Gear Solid franchise, as it has now become a human skull ensconced within what appears to be a mechanical knight's helmet.

A lot of fans have speculated as to what exactly the fresh imagery related to Kojima Productions is, which has resulted in Kojima teasing that there's even more to the helmet, with a full body attached to it. However, the developer wants to keep the studio logo a secret, and there's relatively little known about its meaning, but he recently took to Twitter to reveal that the name of the company mascot is LUDENCE.

As seen in the tweet below, Kojima set up a poll to ask fans what kind of duds LUDENCE is sporting, with the options being an "armored suit," a "powered suit," a "battle suit," or "others." While this could mean that the director is fielding gamers' opinions as to what he should have LUDENCE's suit be, hilariously enough, one Twitter user's response was a Photoshopped version of the icon wearing a business suit, with another person saying that the Kojima Productions mascot is the true identity of Havel of the Rock from the Dark Souls franchise.


As of writing, the poll has a little less than 13 hours to before it's closed, so we will have to wait until the ballots are tallied in total to not only see the results of what fans think LUDENCE could be, but also whether or not Kojima actually reveals the character's body and identity. After all, there's not much to go on here other than a name, which is possibly an acronym, or a potential nod to Dutch historian and cultural theorist Johan Huizinga's book Homo Ludens or Playing Man.

It's also entirely plausible that LUDENCE could be a hint of what's to come in Kojima's forthcoming PlayStation-exclusive game of which has yet to be announced. Ultimately, nothing major has been confirmed as to what the upcoming title will contain, so the mascot having a role in the release isn't too wild of a theory. Really, though, other than the director's desire to build the game using the most cutting-edge hardware and software the world has to offer, as we discovered through his world tour with Mark Cerny for "high-end technology", the project still seems nebulous from our perspective. Hopefully, everything will come into focus for Kojima's new game soon enough.

What do you think about the name of Kojima Productions' mascot? What exactly do you believe that LUDENCE means, or to what could it be alluding? Let us know your thoughts on the matter in the comments below.

Hideo Kojima has yet to announce concrete details on his forthcoming project.

Source: Hideo Kojima – Twitter (via GameSpot)

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