5 Things We Already Know About The Elder Scrolls 6 (And 5 Very Likely Possibilities)

The Elder Scrolls has been a juggernaut in gaming culture that only seems to grow stronger with each new release. For years, fans have been speculating where the franchise will go next and Bethesda seems eager to please.

Yet there hasn’t been a lot of news regarding what will likely be one of the biggest hypes in gaming history. Bethesda has given us some information and inferences can be drawn based on previous games they’ve released. Here’s what we know and some things that are very likely to happen.

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10 Know: It Is Happening

Probably the biggest news on this list is that it has been confirmed that Bethesda will make Elder Scrolls VI. The confirmation came during E3 2018 when Bethesda teased the title with a short 36 second trailer showing the geography of the area.

While very little is known about the game, where it’ll take place, or what era it will be set in it is exciting to know that Bethesda has it on their schedule and they will be making it, eventually.

9 Possibility: Long Ways Away

In reality the release date for Elder Scrolls VI is likely to be a very, very long time down the road. Bethesda has stated that they have been throwing some ideas around, but actual work on the title hasn’t begun yet.

Given the flop of Fallout 76, the recent release of Wolfenstein Youngblood, and the continued support of Elder Scrolls Online it’s likely Bethesda doesn’t have the time or resources just yet to devote themselves to the project. After they’ve put out some fires and finished up some projects they’ve already begun then they’ll be ready to start.

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8 Know: After Starfield

In fact the only concrete evidence we have to suggest a release date is that it will be sometime after Starfield. Last year Bethesda stated in an interview that Starfield is playable, showing they have made some headway on that project.

That being said, just because a game is playable doesn’t mean it’s anywhere near being finished. In all likelihood the soonest Starfield could be finished is 2020, meaning production on Elder Scrolls VI won’t start until then. In any case fans will have to wait for their new IP to release, and then Bethesda will let everyone know when they’re ready to get started.

7 Possibility: Redfall

The internet started making waves a while ago after Bethesda trademarked Redfall. Fan speculation went wild that Redfall would be the name of the new Elder Scrolls game. Although Bethesda has been known to name their games after the fictional world’s regions, such as Skyrim or Morrowind. They’ve also given their games unique titles, like Oblivion.

Some fans are speculating that Redfall could be referring to the red plague associated with the Daedric Prince Peryite referenced in Skyrim. His followers are infected with a pestilence that causes their skin to turn red and they’re spared from death by the Prince himself. It’s possible the next game could take place during a massive outbreak of this or some other disease.

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6 Know: Skyrim Grandma Is In It

We do know at least one NPC that will be included in the game, the Skyrim grandma. The 82-year-old woman who’s made a name for herself on Youtube playing Skyrim was confirmed to be included in the game after a fan petition with 45,000 signatures was sent to Bethesda requesting her addition.

There’s no telling what role her character will play in the game, but many fans believe it will be as a friendly traveler or capable companion. It’s also been confirmed that she’ll appear in the game as she does in real life.

5 Possibility: No New Races

While Elder Scrolls Online has introduced the Maormer (Sea Elves), it’s highly likely that the original 10 races of the game will remain the 10 races players can play the game as. Bethesda has been pretty consistent about this since the early days of the franchise in spite of the demands from fans to include Dwemer, Imga (Great Apes), or the fox-like Lilmothiit.

That’s not to say there wont be new races to make an appearance, it just isn’t very likely that players will be running around as the serpentine Tsaesci or summoning the undead as Sloads any time soon, at least not without mods.

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4 Know: Team Wants Better Technology

Although the team is waiting for Starfield to finish before diving into Elder Scrolls VI, the developers have also stated they would like technology to progress and develop a little further. Apparently there are some game mechanics and abilities they want to include in the game, but feel that current tech doesn’t support these ambitions.

It’s unknown what these game mechanics are, but if the dramatic improvement between Oblivion and Skyrim is any indication it’s bound to be a game changer.

3 Possibility: Empire Building

A possibility for the type of game mechanics Bethesda wants to include in their upcoming game have to relate to empire building. Skyrim introduced house building, Fallout 4 took it one step further with Settlements, Fallout 76 took it even further with C.A.M.P.’s for players to conquer and settle the wasteland.

An interesting theory points to the possibility that the lost continent of Yokuda could be the land seen in the trailer. After it rises from the ocean depths the player would be tasked with settling this uninhabited land.

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2 Know: Long Game

Whatever the game entails it’ll be a long game with tremendous replayability. Skyrim came out in 2011 and players are still playing it eight years later. Given the tremendous gap between entries in a franchise Bethesda would no doubt be keen on introducing a title that would keep fans happy while they turn to other IPs for the next decade or so.

Mod support, expansions, a rich game with lots of content, and possibly optional multiplayer is a very strong possibility in the next entry.

1 Possibility: Multi-Platform

Bethesda has had a long standing practice to introduce titles to every platform imaginable to increase their player base and out of respect for fans. Skyrim has seen release on Playstation, Xbox, PC, Switch, and various virtual reality consoles.

It’s almost a guarantee that the next title would see similar widespread release and Bethesda hasn’t made any statements stating otherwise. It’s possible that some of the tech they’re waiting on could be new consoles and breakthroughs in virtual reality technology.

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