Knack 2 was officially announced by Sony almost 6 months ago,  though the company waited until E3 2017 to reveal that the sequel for the PlayStation 4 launch title would be releasing on September 5, 2017. Back during its initial announcement at the PlayStation Experience, the world premiere showed off plenty of co-op gameplay sequences. With multiplayer action confirmed as an area of focus for Sony, it’s fair to assume that online multiplayer may be on the cards: as it turns out, however, Knack 2 won’t feature support for online matchmaking.

Game Rant went hands on with Knack 2 at E3 2017, and asked the developer if Knack 2 contained online matchmaking. The reply back was an official confirmation that while local co-op was fully supported, gamers looking to join forces with a friend on the PlayStation Network will be out of luck.

Gamers can take a look at the new E3 2017 trailer for Knack 2 below:

The original Knack was somewhat of a tech demonstration for the PlayStation 4, so gamers should expect sequences from the sequel to demonstrate the processing prowess of the PS4 Pro. The studio also made references to some of the weaker spots of the original title, even going so far to have a character joke that he’s surprised Knack could save the world with only 4 attack moves.

Sony’s E3 2017 showcase brought in plenty of A-list titles, ranging from an extended look at the state of the world in Days Gone, to the oft-requested remake of the massive PS2 hit, Shadow of the Colossus.

Meanwhile, Knack 2 has picked up a massive pseudo-satirical following on Twitter, with thousands of fans seemingly losing their minds at the Knack 2 release date announcement.  In any event, Sony evidently has faith that the block-based platformer can entertain the masses, which provides a solid family-friendly option for Sony’s late 2017 lineup.

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Knack 2 is slated to launch on September 5, 2017, exclusively for the PlayStation 4.