Kirby Looks Absolutely Terrifying in Unreal Engine 4

Kirby Unreal Engine


One repeated insult that is continuously hurled at Nintendo's consoles pertains to how underpowered its platforms have traditionally been. While the likes of Mario and his cohorts have yet to be rendered on a console as powerful as either the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, a handful of modders have recently taken to inputting many of the the Big N's iconic characters into the immensely powerful Unreal Engine 4. Suffice to say, it's had mixed results thus far, following the addition of Kirby.

We've previously covered footage on what Pokemon looks like in Unreal Engine 4 (spoiler: it's amazing), and now modders have placed Nintendo's gelatinous pink blob into the software. While the added shine of Epic's engine certainly works wonders for some of Nintendo's adored mascots, Kirby himself becomes a much more terrifying presence as a result of his gaping maw.

YouTube user CryZENx recently took to the Google-owned video sharing site to showcase what the blobby hero looks like running around in a real world setting. Not to be featured alone though, there are several groups of deer that can be found galloping about. Of course, the immediate instinct of the individual playing is to try to consume the only other creatures featured on the realistic map. These attempts are never realized, but the act itself is enough to scar longtime fans of the virtual hero.

Kirby Unreal Engine

In this light, perhaps it's best if Kirby sticks to the cutest domain of Dream World through cartoony, yarn-filled, and clay-based animation. Clearly the world isn't ready for a realistic take on a high-pitched glutton that flies through the air and devours everything in sight. Admittedly, it could make for an interesting survival-horror game if the house of Mario ever wanted to take that route, but perhaps those darker tones are best reserved for the likes of Metroid or The Legend of Zelda.

For now Kirby and the Rainbow Curse will have to scratch the itch fans have for a new Kirby title, although it's highly unlikely that they'll have to go too long without news of the next core installment in the series. While Nintendo continues to work on its NX console, it's interesting to see what could emerge from hardware with a little more juice than the Wii U is currently loaded with.

With that said, stay tuned to Game Rant for more details on Nintendo's next console, as well as any major gaming announcements.

What do you think of Kirby floating around in Unreal Engine 4? Which Nintendo character would you like to see next? Get at us in the comments.

Source: CryZENx - YouTube

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