Kirby Star Allies Gets Nintendo Switch Release Date

Kirby Star Allies Gets Nintendo Switch Release Date - Meta Knight

Kirby Star Allies was announced last year, promising 4-player co-op side-scrolling gameplay for Nintendo Switch fans. Now Nintendo has officially confirmed the game's release date, and as it turns out, those looking forward to Kirby Star Allies on the Nintendo Switch won't have to wait too much longer to get their hands on the game.

As announced during Nintendo's recent Nintendo Direct Mini presentationKirby Star Allies will launch on March 16, exclusively for the Nintendo Switch. However, the game's release date isn't the only thing Nintendo revealed in the Kirby-centric portion of the presentation. It also revealed that the game will have numerous characters for other players to play as, in addition to boss fights against recognizable Kirby characters like Meta Knight.

Check out the latest trailer for Kirby Star Allies, which also includes a peak at the game's surprisingly impressive visuals:

As fans can see in the trailer, 4-player co-op will be a huge focus in Kirby Star Allies. Those that manage to round up a full group of players will have access to special abilities that won't be possible playing solo, so it may be worth going through the trouble of getting a group of friends together to play Kirby's latest adventure.

Some abilities will be possible with less than four players, like the Friend Ability combos that can be pulled off with just two players. The Friend Ability combos will allow players to mix and match abilities to create new moves, like combining the Ice and Water abilities to create icicle projectiles to take out enemies, for example.

Speaking of abilities, the new trailer also gives fans a taste of new two copy abilities that Kirby is adding to his arsenal. The Artist ability will allow Kirby to paint creations and bring them to life to attack enemies, and the Spider ability will allow Kirby to trap his foes in a cocoon of sticky webbing.

These abilities and more will be available for Kirby Star Allies fans to try out when the game launches this coming March.

Kirby Star Allies will launch on March 16, exclusively for Nintendo Switch.

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