Pulling the curtain off of a new Kirby game during its E3 2017 showcase, Nintendo managed to surprise quite a few fans that weren’t quite expecting an appearance from the pink puffball this soon in the Switch’s lifespan. Much like some of the more recent offerings for the system, the still unnamed Kirby title is set to feature multiplayer through befriend-able baddies. While details are still slim, however, Nintendo has detailed some of the different ways players will be able to trek through the game with friends.

Those curious about the studio developing the game can rest easy knowing that HAL Laboratory will once again be helming a Kirby adventure. Players will be able to modify the powers they take from inhaled enemies – quickly combining a bevy of different power-ups at their discretion. This will sound similar to those that played through Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards (2000), but that’s far from a bad thing for those familiar with the Nintendo 64 classic.

Despite sharing similarities in that regard, HAL is set to make the platformer a 4-player co-op adventure this time around, which makes sense given the shareable nature of the Switch’s Joy-Con controller. This will be done by recruiting “helper” frenemies to assist in overcoming various challenges that stand in Kirby’s way – like the villainous Whispy Woods.

kirby nintendo switch coop multiplayer

As to be expected, multiple users can jump in on the action through a single left or right Joy-Con, or they can combine four pairs with their respective docks for a more traditional approach. It’s not at all a surprising layout, but it’s a reassuring confirmation by Nintendo that should satiate fans while they wait for more concrete details on the first-ever Switch entry in the Kirby franchise.

Many gamers are likely hoping that the other platformer Nintendo revealed during its show, a brand new Yoshi title for Switch, features a similar multiplayer offering. At this point that game is only confirmed to support 2-player co-op, but the Big N may have a few tricks up its sleeve yet.

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Kirby (Working Title) is set to arrive exclusively on the Nintendo Switch at some point in 2018.