At Nintendo’s E3 2011 Press Conference, the focus was clear: introduce the Wii U and its controller, and promote the 3DS. As a result, a few upcoming games received less attention than they rightfully deserved. For my money, Kirby: Mass Attack belongs at the very top of that list, and we’ve got a brand new trailer to demonstrate why.

Kirby: Mass Attack is one of the few first party games coming to Nintendo’s aging DS this Fall. Eager gamers can look forward to purchasing a copy September 19, 2011. Kirby has long been Nintendo’s mascot of choice when it comes time to innovate, and Mass Attack appears to be no exception. Don’t expect Mass Attack to carry forward the charming cloth and yarn gameplay of last Fall’s Kirby’s Epic Yarn (though that style may yet be used in another title). Kirby: Mass Attack is an entirely new game, and this time, there will be a whole lotta Kirby to keep track of.

Check it out in the Kirby: Mass Attack trailer below.


We’ve known for some time about a new Kirby game in development for the Wii, but frankly, Mass Attack has been flying under our radar. Still, Kirby’s previous DS incarnations, especially Kirby: Canvas Curse, have been uniformly excellent, and with so few marquee titles on the horizon for DS, we couldn’t be happier to have Mass Attack on the way. (Plus, I can not wait for the Mass Attack / Mass Effect mash-ups to start popping up.)

Kirby: Canvas Curse was, in many ways, the first game to really show off the potential of the DS at a time when most of the games available for the system didn’t really exploit the features that made it unique. It seems fitting that now — not at the end of the road for DS, but certainly much further along — another Kirby game is coming along to really demonstrate the developer’s mastery of the hardware.

Kirby: Mass Attack’s candy colored worlds and old school side scrolling gameplay look to hit that nostalgic Nintendo sweet spot so many gamers have, while at the same time keeping things fresh with multiple Kirbys, touch screen controls, and a variety of gameplay types from platforming to shooter. It’s tough to imagine fans being disappointed when they get their hands on Mass Attack.

What do you think of your first look at Kirby: Mass Attack? Will you pick up the game this Fall?

Kirby: Mass Attack will be in stores September 19, 2011, exclusively for the Nintendo DS.

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