After the long string of horror games, action games, shooters, horror shooters and action shooters that made up the majority of the first announcements at E3 2014, Nintendo’s Digital Event has offered a pleasant antidote with new titles like an open world Legend of Zelda and an ultra-kawaii trailer for yarn-based platformer Yoshi’s Woolly World.

The latter title will no doubt remind Nintendo fans of another very woolly platformer title from 2010: Kirby’s Epic Yarn. Not to be left out of this year’s E3, Kirby himself has also shown up in the announcement trailer for his next adventure, Kirby and the Rainbow Curse. A sequel to 2005’s Kirby: Canvas Curse, Rainbow Curse‘s mechanics look very similar in the sense that Kirby is controlled by using the stylus to draw rainbow lines that he can roll on, or by poking the little pink puffball to get him moving.

Kirby and the Rainbow Curse is coming to the Wii U in 2015 and will be GamePad-centric. The trailer demonstrates some of the different vehicles that Kirby can transform into, including a submarine, a tank and a rocket. He’s also shown turning himself into a cannonball and firing himself into Whispy Woods’ big bark-covered face during a boss fight.

Kirby vs Whispy Woods in Kirby and the Rainbow Curse

The Kirby games have enjoyed sustained success over the past twenty years, and recent 3DS release Kirby: Triple Deluxe received almost universally reviews (including one from Game Rant). Those who enjoyed Canvas Curse will no doubt be delighted to see the revival of that game’s stylus-oriented gameplay, and gamer parents who are looking for a title to share with their kids should definitely keep an eye out for this release next year.

Was Kirby and the Rainbow Curse your favorite game reveal from Nintendo at E3 2014? Tell us in the comments what you think of the upcoming roster of Wii U games.

Game Rant E3 2014 Live Coverage

Kirby and the Rainbow Curse will be available on Wii U some time in 2015.