New ‘Kirby’ Game Coming to 3DS in 2014

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It’s been an eventful morning for Nintendo fans, as the Big N made a number of announcements during its latest Direct presentation. Release dates and delays for some games were confirmed, but Nintendo President Satoru Iwata wrapped up the showcase with a look at a previously unannounced portable game. That’s right, everyone’s favorite pink and pudgy hero, Kirby, will be making his triumphant return in a new (and currently unnamed) platformer for the Nintendo 3DS.

Details on the game are quite slim, and the Nintendo Direct finished by stating that Kirby won’t be launching until some point in 2014, but it looks as if the gameplay will be mixed up a little bit from past iterations. Based on the footage that’s demonstrated in the teaser trailer for the title, there looks to be a heavy focus on the 3D capabilities of Ninty’s handheld system.

With emphasis shown to jumping between the foreground and background, dodging enemies that weave in and out of Kirby’s path, and objects flying at the screen, there’s little doubt that this game has 3D implemented throughout its entire design. Since Nintendo has shown signs of moving away from the glasses-less 3D capabilities of the 3DS — even going so far as to announce the 2DS — it’s surprising how rampant it looks to be used in the new Kirby title, but the end result looks like a lot of fun.

Kirby 3DS Trailer

Regardless, Kirby should help keep the Big N’s portable division sailing smoothly through 2014, as the company shifts focus to releasing a number of big-name Wii U games like the recently delayed Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze and Super Smash Bros. for Wii U; the latter of which will also be arriving on the 3DS that year.

What do you think of the new Kirby game for 3DS? Is it something you’ll be picking up next year?

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