'King's Quest' Mixes Platforming With Old-School Adventure

Kings Quest Reboot Trailer


What once was old eventually becomes new again - and video games are no exception. Although the franchise name may not carry the weight it once did among the mainstream, King's Quest is a series beloved by many who witnessed the rise of adventure games firsthand. And thanks to the resurrection of Sierra Games and the developers at The Odd Gentlemen, a brand new iteration looks to return the Quest to the conversation.

With previous plans of revitalizing the brand falling apart, fans had next to no idea of what to expect from the game's unveiling at The Video Game Awards. Calling on Ken and Roberta Williams, co-founders of Sierra to take the stage and reveal the next incarnation of the series that put them on the map, the first footage of King's Quest shows an experience that is unmistakably new - and sure to catch the eye of a brand new audience.

Even casual gamers have witnessed the redefinition of 'adventure gaming' executed almost singlehandedly by Telltalle Games (makers of The Walking DeadTales from the Borderlands and Game of Thrones). It appears that King's Quest is taking a distinct path for itself, blending the visuals and 2D(ish) perspective of old school adventure games with more action-oriented platforming elements.

Kings Quest Reboot Trailer

Without knowing the controls or pace of the game itself, it's hard to know just how much The Odd Gentlemen are looking to recapture the essence of the original series, and how eager they are to make their own mark. But from this first glance, the art style alone is worth paying attention to whatever the studio has planned.

Are you an existing fan of King's Quest? If so, does this new re-imagining seem like a worthy successor? If this is your first time hearing the franchise name, have you seen enough to convince you King's Quest is worth a closer look?

King's Quest is planned to release in Fall 2015.  Stay tuned to Game Rant for the rest of the announcements coming from The Game Awards.

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